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Intelligent Reference/TM-4and TM-4/OEM

Intelligent Reference/TM-4™
The Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ and TM4/OEM™ are multi- purpose, GPS disciplined timing signal generators and frequency references in economical off-the-shelf and custom configurations. Intended for use in a wide variety of timing, synchronization and frequency reference applications, they are based on the most advanced architecture Spectrum has ever offered, and include the most popular features of Spectrum's core platform for current timing products. The TM-4 is incredibly small in size, and yet is capable of achieving remarkable performance. Incorporating a very high-quality OCXO, the TM-4 provides Rubidium-like stability while retaining all of the benefits of quartz-based designs. Our Intelligent Holdover™ technology learns the behavior of the individual oscillator and uses that knowledge during periods of GPS unavailability to more precisely control its stability. Our FastStart™ technology, coupled with a state-of-the-art GPS receiver can have the TM-4 up and running at very high precision in as little as five minutes from startup.

The standard configuration has two BNC connectors that deliver the PPS output and 10 MHz sine wave signals, and a high density 15-pin D-sub connector for all other inputs and outputs. This makes the TM-4 very easy to integrate.

The Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ is highly customizable and offers a vast and useful array of both standard and optional features. Standard features include a high spectral-purity sine wave output, TTL frequency outputs, two individually programmableTM-4/OEM™ multiplexer outputs, 5ns timing accuracy, Programmed Output Pulse function, Event Time Tag, 1PPS output with separate ASCII serial time message, and included control software that runs on most Windows-based computers. The standard TM-4 meets MTIE requirements for a Stratum-1 primary clock source and is also available as an OEM-style board-only product.

With optional IRIG-B output, the TM-4 and TM-4/OEM can act as highly accurate time code generators, and are also available with IRIG-G (or other IRIG variant) and/or NASA-36 modulated and TTL level time code outputs.

New features for 2007 include real-time sawtooth correction of PPS for our best accuracy ever, user-selectable smoothed (jitterless) PPS and a new architecture optimized for phase coherency, making it an ideal frequency reference for phase coherent radio applications such as Time Difference of Arrival and simulcast.

Other options include a 1U rack mount adapter, a 13 MHz OCXO output for GSM and other applications, Network Time Protocol output and an auxiliary clock output that is factory set to any common frequency. Another unique optional feature is the ability to generate a synthesized timing pulse that is coherent with the primary output and synchronous to PPS. This pulse features ultra low jitter and can be set to virtually any frequency up to 100 kHz, including unusual values such as 2162/3 Hz. The addition of an optional secondary analog output module generates four (two selectable at any one time) CTCSS (PL) tones for simulcast and squelch control applications.TM-4 shown in optional rack adapter 

Contact us for pricing and more information about the Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ and TM-4/OEM™.

TM-4 shown with optional rack-mount adapter.

Dimensions:4.125"x4"x1.5" • Weight:13 oz • Power: 12-35 VDC, 24V nominal • Supplied accessories: Operation software

Details and specifications: Download these documents to examine the TM-4 in greater detail.
2-page color TM-4 brochure (.pdf format, 362 kB)
Intelligent Reference/TM-4 User Manual (.pdf format, 436 kB)

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